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    Cold boot your xbox from your controller (v0.1)

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    Cold boot your xbox from your controller (v0.1) Empty Cold boot your xbox from your controller (v0.1)

    Post  Peppies™ on 14th January 2011, 08:42

    Cold boot your xbox from your controller (v0.1)

    1: get a push button (off when down)
    2: install it like in the original tutorial (drilling hole etc.)
    3: connect a wire from the one leg of the button to ground in your controller
    4: connect the other leg of the switch to the yellow wire in the controller (the extra wire M$ has put into it, for our pleasure)
    5: open your xbox and locate the yellow wire.
    6: connect the yellow wire to + volt inside your xbox (you can get it from the front panel)

    Then it should work. It sounds strange, but M$ is actually making a connection between - and + when you push your on/off button on the console...

    btw.. if you wan't to enable Dolby Digital with a standard AV pack then do this:

    1: Pull the AV plug out of your xbox
    2: Look into the plug. There you'll see some small holes in the middle
    3: Find a small piece of wire (1-2 cm)
    4: twist the wire and put it into hole 5 and 18 (making a connection)

    1 12
    / ||||||||||||
    | |
    | |||||||||||| |
    13 24

    5: plug the AV pack into your xbox again
    6: now you can select Dolby Digital from the M$ Dash

    // EnJoY

    .XBE File Format
    .XBE File Format 1.1

    XBox Executable Documentation by Caustik (

    This document is, afaik, the most precise .XBE documentation out there (other than official Microsoft documentation). The reason for this is the simple fact that I have done a lot of work with this type of file, and I am very familiar with the format. .XBE files are very similar to .EXE, so you won't have much of a problem using them if you have any sort of experience with .EXE files. Well, here we go..

    Note: The author of this document is not responsible for anything you do with this information. This information is solely for entertainment purposes, and the author does not condone any illegal goals you may decide to use this information to achieve.

    Image Header | Certificate | Section Header | Library Version | TLS | Logo Bitmap | C Source .XBE Image Header Field Name Description Size Offset Magic Number This field must always equal 0x48454258 ("XBEH") 0x0004 0x0000 Digital Signature 256 Bytes. This is where a game is signed. Only on officially signed games is this field worthwhile. 0x0100 0x0004 Base Address Address at which to load this .XBE. Typically this will be 0x00010000. 0x0004 0x0104 Size of Headers Number of bytes that should be reserved for headers. 0x0004 0x0108 Size of Image Number of bytes that should be reserved for this image. 0x0004 0x010C Size of Image Header Number of bytes that should be reserved for image header. 0x0004 0x0110 TimeDate Time and Date when this image was created. Standard windows format. 0x0004 0x0114 Certificate Address Address to a Certificate structure, after the .XBE is loaded into memory. 0x0004 0x0118 Number of Sections Number of sections contained in this .XBE. 0x0004 0x011C Section Headers Address Address to an array of SectionHeader structures, after the .XBE is loaded into memory. 0x0004 0x011C Initialization Flags Various flags for this .XBE file. Known flags are:

      MountUtilityDrive  = 0x00000001
      FormatUtilityDrive = 0x00000002
      Limit64Megabytes   = 0x00000004
      DontSetupHarddisk  = 0x00000008

    0x0004 0x0124 Entry Point Address to the Image entry point, after the .XBE is loaded into memory. This is where execution starts.

    This value is encoded with an XOR key. Considering this is far too weak to be considered security, I assume this XOR is a clever method for discerning between Debug/Retail .XBE files without adding another field to the .XBE header. The XOR key is dependant on the build:

    Â Â Debug = 0x94859D4B, Retail = 0xA8FC57AB

    To encode an entry point, you simply XOR the real entry point with either Debug or Retail key, depending on if you want the XBox to see this as a Debug or Retail executable.

    To decode an entry point, you XOR with the debug key, then check if it is a valid entry point. If it is not, then you try again with the retail key.

    Note: The Kernel Image Thunk Address member of this header must also be encoded as described later in this document.

    0x0004 0x0128 TLS Address Address to a TLS (Thread Local Storage) structure.
    0x0004 0x012C PE Stack Commit Copied from the PE file this .XBE was created from.
    0x0004 0x0130 PE Heap Reserve Copied from the PE file this .XBE was created from.
    0x0004 0x0134 PE Heap Commit Copied from the PE file this .XBE was created from.
    0x0004 0x0138 PE Base Address Copied from the PE file this .XBE was created from.
    0x0004 0x013C PE Size of Image Copied from the PE file this .XBE was created from.
    0x0004 0x0140 PE Checksum Copied from the PE file this .XBE was created from.
    0x0004 0x0144 PE TimeDate Copied from the PE file this .XBE was created from.
    0x0004 0x0148 Debug PathName Address Address to the debug pathname (i.e. "D:Nightlybuilds)

    A Tutorial on softmoding an unmodded xbox with an upgraded hard drive, using an already modded xbox.
    Tools Needed
    - Hex Screwdriver Set
    - Computer
    - A modded xbox
    - A retail (unmodded) xbox.

    - Softmod w/ dash
    (softmod auto installer)
    - Ftp software (flashfxp)
    - 007, Splinter Cell, Mechassult hack
    (softmod auto installer)
    - Original game of which ever hack you are going to use (007, Splinter Cell etc)
    - Memory Card
    - Xbox-Hq Auto Installer Deluxe Boot Disk.
    - Config magic (found on AIDeluxe)

    Let's Get Started
    1. Take the modded Xbox and transfer the (007, Splinter Cell, Mechassult, hack) and transfer it to your memory card.

    2. Take the memory card and plug it into a controller on the unmodded xbox and transfer the hacks on the card to the xbox useing the memory manager screen in the xbox dash.

    3. Boot the original (007 - Splinter Cell - Mechassult) (You should try to find an older original, it is said that some of the Platnum hits and newer versions of these games may not work) in the unmodded xbox and open the save called Linux, it should then load the evolutionx screen.

    4. Find a menu that says backup and click on it this will backup your eeprom to the hard drive.

    5. Ftp into the box using your ftp software, you will usually find the xbox IP under the settings menu or under network settings in the evolutionx dash and the username is usually "xbox" as well as the password without the quotes.

    6. Once you ftp into the xbox, go to the C: drive and find the backup folder and copy it to you computer.

    7. Open the Config magic folder and delete the contense in the data folder and transfer the contense of the backup folder to the data folder.

    8. Transfer the Config magic folder to the modded xbox and restart, once rebooted open config magic and update your modded xbox hard drive’s eeprom from the bin file. (This step may seem unecessary but if you don’t update the already modded hard drive once you complete the new drive and put your old drive back it won't work).

    9. Now take the new large drive that you will be putting in the unmodded xbox, into the modded box with the chip and boot with the HQ Auto Installer Deluxe Boot Disk in the dvd drive chose the option to format and install a new large hardrive, once finished ftp the Config magic folder with the same eeprom files into the new large harddrive.

    10. Reboot the xbox and open config magic unlock the hardrive and update the new hardrive eeprom with the bin file save then lock the hardrive.

    11. Reboot, ftp into the harddrive delete the contents of the C: drive and replace them with the softmodded files.

    12. Turn off and remove the new large hardrive and remove the old original hardrive in the unmodded box and replace it with the new large harddrive and put your old modded harddrive back into the modded xbox.

    You now have two modded Xbox's one with a chip and one without.


    Q: What does having "Hacked Firmware" let me do?
    A: All it does is modify your DVD drive's firmware to allow it to play burnt (backup) games. The newest version is iXtreme 1.61

    Q: What tutorial should I use?
    A: We have a section dedicated to finding the right tutorial for you! We have many different versions so you can pick the one that you think suits you best:
    Xbox 360 Firmware Mod Tutorials

    But I would definitely recommend this one, because it is a complete step-by-step guide that is easy to follow:

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Q: Can I still play Xbox Live?
    A: Yes, but see Question below

    Q: Will I get banned from Xbox Live?
    A: There is always a chance you will get banned. Microsoft usually has about 2 ban waves a year, when they discover new methods to detect backup games. However, if you stay up to date with the latest firmware, you should be fine. Don't let this scare you though, you probably won't get banned.

    Q: What if I figure out they are banning, and flash my firmware back to the original before I go online?
    A: Let's say Microsoft has found a way to detect iXtreme 1.61. They would start collecting logs immediately looking for people that they detected, and flag the account. When the fall updates comes around, they would ban all those flagged accounts. Flashing it back would be futile, since they already have logs of you playing burnt games. This is all assuming that they found a way to detect it.

    Q: What if I only play backups offline, and legit games online?
    A: It doesn't matter. When you play the game, the 360 logs all the info. It would send the info to Microsoft as soon as you logged into Live.

    Q: Do I have to open my 360?
    A: Yes. There are tutorials everywhere, try YouTube.

    Q: What all do I need to do it?
    A: It depends on what kind of DVD drive you have. To find that out, you'll need to open your 360. Click here to find out what type of DVD Drive you have.

    If you have a:
    Hitachi= No SATA Card
    BenQ= SATA Card
    Samsung= SATA Card
    LiteOn= Xecuter Connectivity Kit with Probe (No SATA Card)

    Here is a good place to buy a cheap VIA Chipset SATA card:
    VIA VT6421A IDE & SATA RAID PCI Controller Card

    To buy an Xecuter Connectivity Kit v3 with Probe:
    Here if you live in the USA
    Here if you live in the UK
    Here if you live in Canada
    Here is a place that ships worldwide

    Again, DO NOT forget the Probe. It is needed to flash the LiteOn.

    Q: Will it void my warranty?
    A: Yes. Unless you save the sticker (Heat it up using a hair drier and peel it off). When you send it to the repair center, they do NOT check the DVD Drive for hacked firmware. I have sent in 5+ flashed 360's. If you are paranoid, just flash it back. I even sent in my 360 without a warranty sticker and they sent me a fixed one back.

    Q: Can I still play original games?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Can I download updates for Games?
    A: Yes. Your burnt copy is an exact replica of the original.

    Q: Is it hard?
    A: In my opinion, no. If you can follow directions, then you shouldn't have any problems. It should take you like an hour your first time.

    Q: Can I mess up my 360 doing this?
    A: You have to try pretty hard to break it. For example, erasing the keys from your drive and not having them backed up. But once again, don't let this worry you. Like I said, almost no one breaks their 360 flashing it.

    Q: Should I buy this "Blaster 360" thing?
    A: No. It is a waste of $80. All it does is make it so you won't have to open your 360 next time you want to update firmware, if you have a compatible drive.

    Q: How often do I have to update my firmware to stay safe?
    A: Personally, I'd update every time an update is released, just to stay safe. I'm gonna estimate you will need to update maybe... 3 times a year? But once you do it a few times, it will be really easy.

    Q: How do I stay up to date with the latest updates?
    A: You can always view our Xbox 360 Discussion area as our users normally post information the minute it's released. Other good sources are:

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Q: Where am I gonna get all the programs to flash it?
    A: Xbins. It is an IRC channel. I'd recommend you get this program called "Easy Xbins", makes things much easier if you aren't familiar with IRC:

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Q: Can I flash my 360 using my Laptop?
    A: Yes, follow this guide


    Q: How can I backup my own games?
    A: You'll need a Kreon DVD Drive for your computer, with custom firmware. I'd really recommend you buy one from this guy on Xbox-Scene. He'll put custom firmware on it for free, and he is where nearly everyone gets theirs.

    Q: What kind of DVD's do I need to burn games?
    A: The Xbox 360 can ONLY read DVD+DL (Dual Layer) discs for games. The best kind is Verbatim. Most others won't work or will die eventually. Might as well spend a few extra dollars to get Verbatim anyways, because you know they will work and last longer. You will also need a DVD+DL Burner, which is standard nowadays.

    Q: Where is a good place to download games?

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Q: Now that my NTSC Xbox 360 is flashed, can I play PAL games?
    A: Nope, still region locked. It isn't a problem though, because you can always find downloads for both released at about the same time. For those who don't know, NTSC-U is America, PAL is Europe, NTSC-J is Japan. This is just a broad list, but you can click the links to see more specific regions.

    Q: I downloaded a game, and now I have a bunch of .RAR files. Now what?
    A: Download WinRAR and install it. Now, right click on any of the files and click "Extract Here".

    Q: Ok, I have a .ISO and a .DVD file. What now?
    A: This is easy. You can use tons of programs, but CloneCD is the easiest. All you have to do is download CloneCD, Select "Burn Image", Select the .DVD file, select 2x-2.4x speed, and click Burn. It's that easy. If you don't want to spend the money on CloneCD, you can use ImgBurn. If you are still having trouble, you can check out our noob-proof tutorial.

    Q: Do I need to check my ISO's before I burn them?
    A: No. I own over 50 backups, and I rarely use AGBX. As long as you are on iXtreme 1.6, you don't need to worry at all. But many people like to be safe. Here is the download for ABGX. It is pretty simple, just load your .ISO file and click "Launch".

    Q: What is ABGX anyways?
    A: ABGX is a tool written by Seacrest to check .ISO files. It is very simple to use. To keep it simple, it makes sure everything is right with the game you downloaded.

    Q: If a game is leaked early, can I play it or will I get banned?
    A: No, you won't. No one ever has been banned for this. I have played so many games weeks before their release date, and have never been banned.

    Q: But Carson, I ran the .ISO through ABGX and it isn't verified!
    A: I've said it once, I'll say it a million times. WHO CARES WHAT ABGX SAYS! Of course the game isn't verified, it isn't released yet! I see a ton of threads with people saying "No way I'm burning this game, it isn't verified". It really does not matter if it isn't verified, quit being a pansy. All games released nowadays are perfectly fine to just burn and play without a problem. I have NEVER used ABGX before I burnt a game.

    Q: But dude, I'm still scared of getting banned!
    A: Grow a pair. When you flash your firmware you are taking the risk of being banned.

    How to Flash any Xbox 360 Drive with a Laptop

    *Confirmed to work with All Drives.*

    You will need to buy an PCMIA VIA card with VIA VT6421 Chipset to do this.

    I recommend buying this one: China wholesale product -china wholesale products, since it is cheap (only $9.81 +tax/shipping :thumbup:) *Make sure you have an PCMIA slot, not a express card slot before buying this*

    Here are the drivers you will need to install the VIA Card:

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    I do not recommend installing the files on the disc included, so install the drivers i have posted.

    Now you will need to install Port I/O:

    Port I/O Files:

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    For Vista: How to install Port I/O in Vista

    For Windows 7: How to install Port I/O on Windows 7

    Here's how to install Port I/O In Windows XP:

    1. Open the Control Panel.

    2. Open the "Add Hardware" wizard. If you are using Windows XP's default "Category View" for the Control Panel, this is done by clicking on "Printers and Other Hardware" and under "See Also" on the left, click "Add Hardware".

    3. The wizard typically displays a screen explaining what it is used for. Click Next to continue.

    4. The wizard may automatically scan for new hardware. The scanning will not detect anything related to PortIO32.

    5. You may be asked "Have you already connected this hardware to your computer?" Regardless of whether you have installed any cards yet, click Yes.

    6. You will be shown a list of the hardware already installed in your computer. Scroll all the way down and select "Add a new hardware device"

    7. You will be asked whether Windows should search for the new hardware. Select "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list"

    8. A list of hardware categories will be shown. Select "Show All Devices" (On some versions of Windows this may be called "Other")

    9. Click the "Have Disk" button and point Windows to the "windriver" directory of the PortIO32 distribution.

    10. A list of drivers found in the directory you specified will be shown. Select the "PortIO32 Xbox 360 Device Driver" item and click Next.

    11. Click Next again to "start installing your new hardware."

    12. The files will be copied and installed. Click Finish to complete. You do not need to restart your computer.

    Now all the hardware is installed!!

    Now to flash the drive you can use any tut that you want to use.

    I recommend using JungleFlasher to flash your drives.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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