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    How to JailBreak and Host Tenth Lobbies(3.55) full tutorial

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    How to JailBreak and Host Tenth Lobbies(3.55) full tutorial Empty How to JailBreak and Host Tenth Lobbies(3.55) full tutorial

    Post  Peppies™ on 15th January 2011, 17:02

    Files Needed
    Geohot's Jailbreak
    UnModded Update
    Mossy Edit Patch(Works With Both Blus and Bles Let me know if im wrong)(Can use your own if you dont want this one)
    File Manager PKG
    Selection of Different Patches CoD4-5
    To start off we are going to need to jailbreak your PS3(3.55 Firmware) using Geohot's jailbreak.
    The Jailbreak
    1) Get a usb at least 2gb and make a Folder called PS3 and then inside that folder make another folder called Update
    2) Now if you have never jailbroken your PS3 before you can simply put Geohots jailbreak in the Update Folder, if not put the Official Unmodded Update in it.
    3) Plug the usb into your ps3 and turn it on
    4) Now in your PS3 go to Settings, then System Update
    5) Click on Update via Storage Device and install the update
    6)Repeat steps 1-5 If you had to install the Official Unmodded Update, except use Geohots Jailbreak instead.
    7) Turn on your PS3 and go to Games and if you see Install Package Files, you did it correctly
    Congratulations your PS3 should now be jailbroken if you did it correctly.

    Modding MW2
    1) Start off by deleting the MW2 Patch from your PS3
    2) Now go to your computer and put the right File Manager PKG on your USB(Not in a folder)
    3) Plug it in your PS3 and go to Install Package Files
    4) Install the file manager
    5) Go back to your computer and delete everything on your USB
    6) Now make a folder and name it anything you want with NO SPACES.
    7) Inside your folder put the Mossy Edit Patch(or any other patch you have)
    8) Plug you USB back into your PS3 and run File Manager
    9) Go to the right side and open the files in this order Dev_HDD0/Game/Blus30377(Or Bles)/USRDIR and highlight over Patch_mp.ff
    10) On the left side go into your USB/then open your folder/then highlight over your patch
    11) Now hit select, then press O(Circle), then press start.
    12) Your patch should now be modded, so quit game and start up mw2 and go to multiplayer
    13) If you get a black screen that means you most likely have the wrong type of patch and you need to find a patch made for your type( Blus or Bles), google around and try steps steps 7-13 over.

    Have fun and remember I am not responsible if you get banned, brick you consoles, or any other type of situation. Use at your own risk.

    TuT on using a 11th Prestige Patch

    Okay Im sure most of you guys were confused when you downloaded the 11th prestige patches and you get a nice little message saying Disconnected to protect host. Well i got the cure for you and fortunately its very easy to do.
    Files Needed
    Elite Mossy V7
    Modded Default_MP.self
    To Begin this tutorial you will need a JailBroken PS3 installed with FTP or File Manager along with a usb atleast 2gb. If your PS3 is not jailbroken and installed with File Manager please view my other tutorial HERE
    Lets Begin
    1) Start off by downloading the Files Needed
    2) Put both of the files on your usb in separate folders and make another folder name Original Default
    3) Open up file manager and go to (Dev_HDD0/Game/Blus30377(Or Bles)/USRDIR) Copy your Default_MP.self(Not the modded one) into your the folder you created in step 2.
    4) Now you can go ahead and replace the Patch_MP.ff and Defaul_MP.self with the modded ones i provided for you.
    5) Quit File Manager and start up mw2 then head to multiplayer.
    6) Host a private match and press up, then go to the Host tab and press on 11th Prestige and then end the game.(Do not infect youself with force host)
    7) Now join a public match to save it.
    8) Go back to file manager
    9) Now replace the modded Default_MP with the unmodded one you saved to your USB. You can also replace your patch_mp.ff if you want.
    10) Go back to multiplayer and you should be 11th prestige, if so Congrats you are a 1337 h4x0r :P

    This only works for the host and will not give anyone else in the lobby 11th. Also do not invite friends when you have the modded Defaul_MP on as they will not be able to connect unfortunately :(

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