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    xbox 360 game burning guide

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    xbox 360 game burning guide Empty xbox 360 game burning guide

    Post  Peppies™ on 17th January 2011, 21:03

    Part 5: Burning Guide

    1.) You need to get your xbox drive flashed with the latest hacked firmware (iXtreme LT).

    a) Use a online service.
    b) Find a local modder.
    c) Do it yourself.

    2.) You may need to also update the firmware of your burner to accommodate latest media and to burn correctly.

    You can usually do this by using your burners official webiste then navigating to its support/software update section and searching for you model number.

    3.) You need to install IMGBurn to burn the iso's.
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    4.) Before burning the game image you need to follow the above instructions for validating/fixing the image to make sure its properly stealthed.

    5.) The best discs to get for 360 games are Verbatim DVD+R DL (Has to be + discs and Dual Layer)

    Verbatim will work in virtually every burner and 360 drive they are of the highest quality and will not put allot of stress on your drive like most cheaper brands do. If you have any problems using cheaper media then these are your solution.

    If you are looking for a cheaper alternative then i recommend using "AOne PLUS+" they have improved allot since there standard DL discs are are very compatible.

    Both brands are easily obtainable from Ebay.

    6.) After Validating/Fixing the game you right click the .dvd file that came with it and choose the "Burn With IMGBurn" option.

    7.) I recommend setting the speed to 2.4x as this will give you a nice steady solid burn. Using a higher speed on some burners/media will give bad results and non working games.

    If you can get good results from burning at a higher speed then do so but if you have problems writing/reading then reduce speed and it should solve your prob.

    8.) pop in your x360 an Enjoy :)

    Enjoy.. and play safe

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