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    How To Backup, Copy and Burn Xbox 360 Games Into Discs

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    How To Backup, Copy and Burn Xbox 360 Games Into Discs Empty How To Backup, Copy and Burn Xbox 360 Games Into Discs

    Post  Peppies™ on 17th January 2011, 22:35

    Method To Backup Your Xbox 360 Games

    In order not to waste unnecessary money to buy another same old games to replace the scratches and damage discs, the is a better way to overcome this problem by creating a backup discs which has the same quality as the original one. With this, Xbox 360 player able to play the routine game with the backup discs and store the original disc in safe place. If the backup disc is spoiled, you just need to recopy using the original games disc then you can back on action within minutes.

    There are several method how you actually can get the backup disc done. The first and consider as old method is the use of a external modchip. What you need to do is to install and insert this chip into the CPU of Xbox console and enhance the Xbox 360 backup feature. This is a risky method while you need to be technical skillful in order to disassemble your Xbox 360 and proceed with soldering work into to attached the modchip into the Xbox 360 circuits. Any customization happen to your Xbox 360 will definitely void your Xbox 360 manufacturing warranty and thus you will no longer be able to claim any repair or maintenance from Microsoft.

    Above method highly not recommended as none of us want to bring your precious Xbox 360 into risk of voiding Microsoft warranty. The other alternative way that you able to backup your Xbox 360 games is to using game copy software as what we called "softmod" way. This application designed and developed to read the security encryption that are encoded on the original XBox games disc nd due to this these game copy softwares makes it extremely easy for the user to be able to burn such copies.
    How Copy Software Copy and Backup Your Games into Disc
    Easy Step-By-Step How To Backup Xbox 360 Games Into Discs

    The key player in order to get the backup job done is the copy software application. Basically, you need to put some effort to search in the web for the best quality and professional copy application that able to make an exact copy of your Xbox 360 games. There are a lot of similar copy software application out there but 90% of them may potential get your computer infected by viruses, spyware, malware and more! Make sure you make a right choice to choose a correct copy software to use. Once you download the software, what you need to do is just follow below 4 simple steps to create a brand new exact quality of Xbox 360 backup games discs.

    1. Insert a video game disc in the DVD-R. Such as Xbox, Wii, PS are also OK.
    2. Launch the specialized software. Full scan and make a "Image" of this game disc.
    3. Insert a blank disc, burn the "Image" onto this blank disc.
    4. Test the "Copy Disc" on a Xbox console.

    If you do not have any idea which copy software to use, highly recommended Game Copy Software which include easy video tutorial that show your step-by-step how to download , installed the software & how to use the software to create a backup discs. I'm been using this software for a year now and it still work fine for me. I recommended to my several friend and they able to create a backup games discs within minutes.
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