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    Backup Xbox 360 Games

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    Backup Xbox 360 Games Empty Backup Xbox 360 Games

    Post  Peppies™ on 17th January 2011, 22:42

    Hi, and welcome to the Backup Xbox 360 Games site. We have provided some great information to assist you to make exact backup copies of all your Xbox Games.

    Since buying an XBOX 360, I always wondered how easy it would be to copy XBOX 360 games for backup purposes. The chance of damage to a disc is high, so when I found out there was a sure-fire way to make an exact XBOX backup of your games I got onto it straight away. You’ll also find information on how to Copy Nintendo Wii games as well as other platforms.

    I chatted to a couple of friends who had managed to successfully backup their games, and on their recommendation, got onto the web and did a little research. My search was so fruitful, I really wanted to share my story and help other people learn how to find a simple solution to how backup xbox games can be played on your xbox console.

    I searched the internet and found that the best way to burn xbox games was to get some bespoke game copying software called Game Copy Wizard specially designed to make backup copies of video games. Normal PC CD or DVD burning software won’t work due to the protection added to the game disc by the manufacturers. There is some great specialist software available which overrides the security protection measures and allows you to create an XBOX games backup. You can also copy PS2 games and many of the other gaming platforms such as PS3, Nintendo WII and Gamecube. So if you own a number of different consoles you can backup all your video games with the one piece of software, and you can even play your copied PC games too. This software backs those up too.

    The software allows your computer to read the disc information, thus making an exact copy an easy operation. With standard PC based burning software the computer would not be able to decipher the information on the disc.

    Buy Game Copy Wizard HERE – Money Back Guarantee On All Purchases
    Backup XBOX 360 Games – An Overview of the Process.

    To start with, you will need your own original copy of the video game you wish to copy for your Xbox. It is not intended for use with illegal download xbox games. Also, you’ll need a PC with a DVD burner, and a blank dual layer DVD to copy the disc image onto. You’ll need the special game copy software available via the links on this page, and you’re ready to go.

    The software really will guide you on what to do but firstly, just put the XBOX 360 game you want to copy into the PC’s DVD burning drive. The software will make an image ISO file of the game. Once this is done the DVD drive will spit out your original disc and the software will ask you for a blank one. Make sure you use the correct disc type.

    The ‘image’ file will be transferred to the blank disc You are then left with an exact backup copy of your XBOX games. You can the duplicate any of your xbox games in the same fashion
    It’s Easier Than Ever To Backup XBOX 360 Games

    The software is so easy to use that making copies of XBOX 360 games is simple for even the most technologically challenged. Backing up your video games is a really good plan. Do it as soon as you open the packet, then put the original away. You’re then guaranteed to have a good copy for years to come.

    Having done some research and testing on the various software available, I found to be extremely user friendly. I have not looked back since getting it. Many people search for free software, and have to perform all sorts of elaborate procedures to get the games backed up. The software I bought was extremely well priced and it does exactly what it is supposed to, and on multiple platforms. Once purchased via the secure website, it is available for immediate download. I’ve used it to backup Xbox 360 games for myself, and for the kids Nintendo Wii.

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