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    Ways to Fix XBOX 360 E74 Errors.

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    Ways to Fix XBOX 360 E74 Errors.  Empty Ways to Fix XBOX 360 E74 Errors.

    Post  Peppies™ on 17th January 2011, 22:51

    It’s quite astounding the amount of people who I know who have purchased an XBOX 360, and within a few short months, they experience the dreaded XBOX 360 E74 error. The option is usually packing up your beloved XBOX and sending it away for a couple of months for repair. If this option doesn’t appeal to you, then there are some things you can do first which will likely sort out the problem.

    A frequent culprit in XBOX 360 E74 errors is the AV cable. A build up of fluff or dust inside the connector unit itself can create the problem. To start with, disconnect the cable and blow out any muck that might be inside. Reconnect the cable and reboot the XBOX.

    If this fails to resolve the problem, consider purchasing a new AV cable, or borrowing one from a friend. This will confirm whether the AV cable is the issue. If after rebooting the XBOX 360 the E74 error is still there, then you are going to need to try some other solutions and steps on how to fix XBOX 360 E74 errors. These are a little more in depth, and I’ll be talking about them in a later article.

    One option to consider is getting your hands on an XBOX 360 Repair Guide. There are some great downloadable repair guides available. I have used this one with great success on my XBOX 360 and that of a number of friends. These detailed repair manuals include advice and step by step solutions on fixing many of the well known XBOX 360 errors, including the E74 error, the Red Ring of Death, and problems that occur when your XBOX 360 freezes. Many of the guides include pictures and video to assist you, and are downloadable, so you can get them immediately.

    So give the AV cable solution a try first, it often solves the issue. Failing that get an XBOX 360 Repair Manual, it’ll help sort out most of the problems you are likely to encounter, and get you back gaming in rapid time.

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