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    DOWNGRADING and JAILBREAKING for newbies. Everything summed up !!

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    DOWNGRADING and JAILBREAKING for newbies. Everything summed up !! Empty DOWNGRADING and JAILBREAKING for newbies. Everything summed up !!

    Post  Peppies™ on 18th January 2011, 11:52

    Well guys I am a newbie too and have spent the last 2 weeks every evening trying to make sense of this new jailbreaking scene.
    A lot of newbies are lost or it is too much information to absorb at once so they end up asking questions like " I am new, what do I do ? " or "I don't know where to start.." etc.
    and this pisses some of the older guys here sparking responses calling them lazy or get the idea..
    Although everyone directs to the big flashing sign on top, and this will give you the general idea of what is happening, you might be left at the end with questions, or still don't know how to go about starting.

    So this is my first attempt to explain things for newbies (by a newbie) and If things need to be corrected or added please let me know.

    So anyone running into a new post of "I don't know what to do" or similar, please direct them here.
    It might avoid further frustration of older members.
    I do this to help out as I was helped here. I am not an expert so please don't be harsh..
    Also I will be referring to some other posts and guides along the way..


    So you have a new PS3 or maybe just woke up and realized that you can finally hack your PS3 but don't know where to start.

    - First off. The PS3 CAN presently be hacked (called jailbreaking) so you can play backups or install homebrew.
    -You NEED TO BE ON FW 3.41 or less.
    -FW 3.50 CAN be downgraded
    EDIT !! : Some new PS3's come now with 3.50 FW which in some cases CAN NOT be downgraded. It causes problems. If yours comes like that better look into it more before you attempt downgrading or just wait. Soon hopefully we will have the 3.50 or higher jailbroken also now that the master key was found.
    If you have FW 3.55 or updated to it, then you are out of luck. You need to wait until this FW is hackable.


    If you are on FW 3.50 you can downgrade. For that you need a special USB stick or your phone or a Texas instrument scientific calculator or another available devise (see further below)
    These are the same devises that you will use to jailbreak and all you do is change the software files in them to do what you want.

    I will not get into specific how to's, you will need to search for a guide depending what you choose to use but for an example I will use the E3 card reader USB stick and a guide to downgrade can be seen here :
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] … -tutorial/

    Other USB sticks have similar if not the same steps. Just a matter of putting the right files in them.
    You get the files usually from each stick's manufacturer site.

    So once you downgrade, you are back to FW 3.41 and you can go ahead with jailbreaking.


    Jailbreaking means booting your PS3 with the USB key or your other chosen devise plugged in.
    This has to be done EVERY time you boot. If you boot without it, you are on normal mode, not hacked that is, no backup play...

    List of know devises that you can use to jailbreak the PS3 besides purchasing a special USB key:

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    I personally chose to purchase a USB stick( went myself with PS3 BREAK) for the following reason.
    As I mentioned, you need to boot every time with the key plugged in the PS3 in order to be jailbroken so I didn't want to have to plug all the time an ipod or a phone or anything bigger than a key. They only cost about 20 bucks anyway.

    Not all devises right now can downgrade, so choose carefully what to buy. Check main page of info. It mentions every devise almost up to now that is known to downgrade which you can use also to jailbreak..

    So once you downgrade if you need to, you are ready with the same stick to flash it and install the jailbreak nessesary files to it and boot your PS3 with it so you can jailbreak.
    Again every devise is almost similar, and a how to can be seen here : (I used PS3BREAK as the one I used)

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] … ons_en.pdf

    As seen on the guide, you reach a point that once you jailbreak (again this means boot with USB in the PS3) , you will need to install a software "manager " which is what enables you to read and play/backup your games.

    Open manager or Gaia is some of them and they can be downloaded from this site.
    You only need to install them once on your first jailbreak and you use a regular USB key for that. Just read the above instructions and you see how it is done.
    Again, those are similar steps for other USB keys...

    So you downgraded (if needed ) and are jailbroken with somekind of manager installed.(BTW, you can install multiple manager if you were wondering) now what ?


    You can put in a game disc you have and using the manager options, you can back it up on your hard drive so you can play from that instead of using the disc.
    Which brings us to the HHD questions and things you need to know.

    Games can be saved/backed up in your internal hard drive. If you are one of the people like me that have a small one (40,60,80) you might end up running out of space eventually at which point you can upgrade your internal HHD or get an External USB HHD.

    (Any 2.5 inch SATA laptop HHD will do for an internal upgrade up to 750 GIGS and any external I believe will do)

    External HHDs will have to be formatted to FAT32. You can use FAT32FORMATTER or anything like it to format a large HHD to FAT32

    Things to keep in mind with external HHD.

    Games larger than 4g will have to be split in order to be copied to a FAT32 drive.

    Once you choose to backup to the external using your manager, some will do the split automatically ,like Gaia or open manager.
    However most games CAN NOT be played from external when they are split. So you will have to transfer them back to your internal (joined automatically again)with your manager.

    Which means that depending how many games you play at the same time, you might need to upgrade your internal anyway unless you are willing to transfer back and forth all the time.

    I chose to get an external for now as I back up a lot on my PC and find it easy to plug the HHD to it and then transfer to the PS3 instead of using wireless transfer... You can use PS3SPLITTER for the PC to break up large files and put them in your HHD, and it can also be downloaded from this site.Once you have games backed up to your drives, just use a manager to load them and play.


    You will not be able to play online or logon to PSN if your jailbroken.Period. You need mostly FW3.50, so if you play online, do not jailbreak or get a second PS3...SPOOFING DOES NOT WORK!
    most newer games require FW 3.50 at least to play so one option if you are on 3.41 is to update yourselves to 3.50 by using the 3.5 fw from this site , play your game and then downgrade again in order to play your backups...

    So basically this gives you a starting point to jailbreaking and I hope it makes you understand what some things mean and how to go about starting...

    I know it is not very clean cut but as I said this is my first time.
    I myself could not wait to backup a few games as my kids (8,6 and 4 years old) have scratched too many dvds and had to buy all over certain games...

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