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    Info on the new 3.55 CWF

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    Info on the new 3.55 CWF Empty Info on the new 3.55 CWF

    Post  Peppies™ on 18th January 2011, 13:32

    Greetings, since the CFW released the forums have been littered with all kinds of questions. Thought i would make a try and answer all the questions in a single post. will take a little while to compile it all, but please ask your questions here, and answers for those of you who have those and we will keep this forum a little cleaner, and make it easier on the non searching fellas!

    No emulators, FTP programs or backup managers have been signed with the new key yet, so we all just have to wait. (NO BACKUPS! NO HOMEBREW\EMULATORS!)
    it will NOT make your PS3 play PS2 games, exept those of you who already can do that. PS1 is, as always, supported.

    again; DEVELOPERS HAVE TO SIGN PROGRAMS (emulators\homebrew\backup-loaders etc.) BEFORE YOU CAN DO ANYTHING AT ALL WITH THIS CFW!

    So far, playing only and browsing\downloading from the PSN is not affected (you can play online and use the PS store). theoretically, Sony can NOT see the difference if you are on a CFW or OFW. but, sign in at your own risk

    3.55 CFW
    How to install:
    Depending on your situation you may need to install the CFW PUP from the PS3 Recovery Menu. To do that, follow these steps:
    download the .PUP file from [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    this has to be done on OFW 3.55, but not 100% sure about that.

    Ensure the PS3UPDAT.PUP is in /PS3/UPDATE/ on your USB device.
    Power down the PS3.
    Now press and hold the power button, the system will startup and shutdown again.
    Release the power button, then press & hold power again, you’ll hear one beep followed by two consecutive beeps.
    Release power then follow the on-screen instructions. You’re now in the recovery menu.
    Connect the USB device and select “System Update.�
    Hope for the best.

    This CFW will add an item in your XMB called *install package files.
    this is the place you go to install homebrew ONCE THEY ARE RELEASED WITH THE NEW KEY! meaning: NOTHING TO DO WITH IT NOW, exept you can install the Gran Turismo HD full game, wich is free, or download demos from [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    I did this myself with an 3.55 OFW PS3 slim in the europe region, even with my native language as the system language (norwegian).
    Savefiles did not get deleted!

    as always, do this at your own risk, i am not to be held responsible for anything going wrong! unsure? ask questions first!
    written by a noob, for a noob!

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