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    How to use Wii Media website

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    How to use Wii Media website  Empty How to use Wii Media website

    Post  Peppies™ on 18th January 2011, 15:40

    Add and Manage my Games

    Ever wanted to show your whole games collection to the world? It's now possible to add them to your profile. You can add your Wii games, Virtual Console Games, DS Wi-Fi Compatible games, Consoles, Best Overall Game and the game you are currently playing at.

    In order to manage your games, enter the User CP by clicking the Settings link at the top. Then click the My Games tab.

    Add/Edit/Remove a Game

    To add a game to your account, click the Add a Game link in the right sidebar menu. Games are sorted by Consoles (Wii, N64, SNES, NES, TGX16 and SG) then by name.

    Choose a personal rating for that game. You should base your criteria on presentation, gameplay, sounds, graphics, originality and lasting appeal.

    You can edit that rating at any time by clicking the Edit a Game link in the same menu. You can remove a game you previously added by clicking the Remove a Game link.

    Virtual Console games can be added using the same method.

    DS Wi-Fi Compatible Games

    It's now easier than ever to share your Friend Code for your online DS games. Simply click the Manage Games link under the DS Friend Codes box.

    To add a DS game, enter your 16 digits code next to the corresponding game. To find your Friend Code for a specific, refer to your game manual. Clicking the Submit button will ad the DS games for corresponding valid Friend Codes. You can edit that code at any time by browsing to that same page again.

    To remove a DS game, simply erase the Friend Code and save the settings.

    Game Consoles

    The consoles you own are displayed next to your name in your Public profile. To modify these settings, click the Modify link under the My Consoles box. Check the consoles you own.

    To change these settings or to remove a console, simply browse to that page again.

    Best Overall Game

    Your favorite overall game is displayed above your game collection in your Public profile. To set that game, click the Modify link under the Best Overall Game box.

    Currently Playing Game

    It is possible to show the game you are currently playing on your Wii by clicking the Modify link under the Currently Playing box.

    How to use the Map feature

    The Wii Media Map feature let you place a pin on the world map for other users to see where you live. When you add friends to your profile, they are also displayed on the map in a different pin color.

    In order to respect your privacy and prevent any abuse on children using this website, your location is approximate as your city level. This way, it might looks close to your house on a low zoom level but if you zoom enough to see houses, the pin is completly off. It's therefor impossible for another user to know your exact location on the map.

    To set your pin on the map, enter your User CP by clicking Settings in the login bar.

    Then click on Edit my Map Settings to enter your address.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Click Submit to find your GeoLocation code. If a target appears next to your location on the map, then the service could locate your address succesfully.

    If your address is invalid or could not be found:

    - Use the correct and complete name for your street, city and country
    - Try to write your street or city in an alternative form.
    - Maybe your location is not yet indexed by the Google Maps service.


    You can see a normal version of the map in your public profile or a more detailed version in the Edit my Map Settings page.

    When you add friends to your profile, they will appear on the map as well in a different color pin.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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