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    Install / Uninstall WAD Files (V... Princess Exploit

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    Install / Uninstall WAD Files (V... Princess Exploit Empty Install / Uninstall WAD Files (V... Princess Exploit

    Post  Peppies™ on 18th January 2011, 19:14

    This is meant to serve as a beginners guide to installing WAD's and running homebrew on the Wii in general. Its written in the most simple to follow steps so no one has any issues following the instructions. Hope it helps.

    NOTE: This doesn't work via the Homebrew Channel at the moment, and has to be launched via the TP Exploit.

    The Twilight Princess Exploit
    You need to own a copy of The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess for the Wii, and a SD card formated in FAT.

    Step 1
    Download the Twilight Princess Exploit, back up your TP save game if you want to use it later, place the exploit on your SD card and put it in your Wii. (Be sure to rename the correct file for your region).

    Step 2
    On your Wii, go to the Wii settings page, then your saves page, delete your current TP save game, download the save game off your SD card.

    Step 3
    Put the TP Disc into your Wii and boot the game up, you now want to have whatever .elf file you want booted named boot.elf on your SD card. Load the save game and walk backwards once ingame.

    The .elf file will now be booted.


    Step 1
    Download the WAD Installer, extract it and rename wad-installer(.elf) to boot(.elf), you don't actually have to add .elf on the end, thats why there in brackets. Place boot.elf on your SD card.

    Step 2
    Once you have a games WAD (I wont ask how or where you got it, I hope you wont either) ensure that it is named title(.wad), most of the ones you find are now all ready named this. Place title(.wad) on the SD card. (If you are using a newer version of WAD Installer, you need to place the .wad files in a folder called wad on your root directory, the wad files can be named what ever you like).

    Your SD card should now look like this.

    Step 3
    Put the SD card in your Wii, Boot Zelda up with the Exploit save game all ready on it, load the save game, walk backwards, lets the code run and wait for the prompt to press reset to install wad, press your Wii's reset button, let it install, it will reboot itself.

    When you Wii reboots the VC game will now be a channel.

    When a Virtual Console title is installed, it also leaves tickets and other shreds of evidence that it was there, while it does not seem to be a problem right now, in the future, when connecting online, it is for seen, that Nintendo could do "something" via Wifi to your Wii. Thats where the WAD Uninstaller comes into play. I feel it is best to be safe at this point in time, and any time you plan to connect online, you should uninstall any WAD's you have installed.

    Step 1
    Download the WAD Uninstaller, rename the .elf file to boot.elf and place it and all the WAD's you wish to Uninstall (In a folder on the root directory called 'wad' on your SD Card)

    Step 2
    Boot the Uninstaller using the Twilight Princess Exploit, press the reset button on your Wii, wait for the Wii to reset itself, and your done, that simple.

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