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    How To: Burn Xbox 360 games Using IMGBURN

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    How To: Burn Xbox 360 games Using IMGBURN Empty How To: Burn Xbox 360 games Using IMGBURN

    Post  Peppies™ on 11th February 2011, 17:29

    Right Click the 1st file ..

    Should be like this ---> File.R01 (sometimes you might get an R00 if so right click on that one)

    Choose to extract to a folder (third option for extraction... also it will prob be the same name as the file you downloaded (ie.. the game))

    Should make a folder with two files

    an .iso and a .dvd file

    double click the .dvd file or open it in notepad... make sure that it has the correct layer break numbers (1913760)

    and that on the second line the EXACT name of the .iso is listed there.. if so your fine close notepad

    right click the .dvd file and choose burn with IMGBURN

    make sure you go to the WRITE tab and set the layer break to user defined and to the number: 1913760


    Then you can click the burn button .. only thing that should be checked is the EJECT box so it ejects when ur done(I am always doing so much I use that to let me know it finished)

    MAKE SURE YOU BURN AT 2X and NO faster!! or you get a nice and shiny coaster for your next glass of tea

    Sometimes .. Regardless you will get an error when trying to play the game (sometimes even after hours of playing) that the disc is not clean and unreadable...

    IF SO

    It is 9 / 10 times the disc.. Just reburn the game and you can even try setting the burn lower to 1X..

    REM you also must have the correct region format for the country you live in.. OR a "Region Free" copy.. Which means anyone can play it.

    360 "backups" are like any other backed up software.. Make sure you trust the source.. and if you want to play on Xlive

    you need an 360 with the latest firmware AND the game must be "Stealth Patched". You can find that out normally in the comments section of the torrents page.

    "Which DVD +R DL do I use"?

    Most of the modders and everyone else will tell you to get ONLY
    Verbatim discs. i agree to a point.


    memorex or you just wasted all your money.. BIG time.

    I actually use Verbatim (And if you are in the USA or have access to them) WINDATA .They are cheap as hell but they work.

    $12.99 for a 20 pack in the US. Not sure how much anywhere else. I get maybe one maybe two tops that coaster in a single pack. Other then that all the games I have play perfectly smile.gif

    So to sum it all up

    Verbatim or WINDATA Dual Layer discs. Nothing else!!

    ALSO if you cannot find the section to enter the Layer break number

    Click on TOOLS ->> WRITE (tab) It is on the top right side . You cant miss it.

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