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    smilies we use at the moment on our shoutbox

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    smilies we use at the moment on our shoutbox

    Post  Peppies™ on 11th February 2011, 18:47

    :omg: :banana: :pmsl: :eeyore: :smile: :blink: :wave: :welcome: :chewydancing: :dj: :beer: :beer2: :tease: :bow: :devil: :beatle: :blush: 👼 :thumbsup: :dyson: :mml: :hmm: :cry2: :rant: :domestic: :innocent: :gn: :paintball: :yes: :huh: banned: :lmao: :madgrin: :coffee: :hi: :cat: :haha: :welcome2: :stamp: :yawn: :ymca: :wine: :ninja: :food: :yikes: :bin: :good: :giverose: :band: :bongsmilie: :confused: :clap: :grim: :duel: :lol: :pan: :gm: :happy: :whistle: :D :winner: :sneaky: :laugh: :thumbsdown: :swing: :ras: 🕷 :no: :mooning: :slap: :stereo: :love: :hiya: :mutley: :mut: :baby: :party: :thankyou: :wtg: :spam: :weep: :spliff: :w00t: :getout: :hot: :evil: :sick: :mental: :chair: :pepsi: :hbd: :mbounce: :chop: :super: :reads: :hehe: :hehe2: :( :cake: :wtf: :/ :starwars: :lurker: :hang: :dawg: :dance: :whip: :spiteful: :lmfao: :wel: :shoot: :yay: :fight: :pirate: :barrel: :rofl2: :rolleyes: :cheeky: 🛀 ;) :) 🎸 :icecream: :fireworks: :O :skateboard: :Geek: :police: :dance1: :loveit:: :respect: :forums: :peppycow: :group: 🔫 :eye: :please: :bday: :boo: :shoutkiller: :window: :unsure: :peekaboo: :chores: :sheep: :sleep: :robot: :wall: :P :pirateship:


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