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    Windows Virus That More than 50% Probably Have

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    Windows Virus That More than 50% Probably Have

    Post  Peppies™ on 23rd February 2011, 21:20

    Are your searches in either Bing or Google being misdirected to another site? Is your computer always running slow? (This is not an advertisement, by the way!) Is your IP address constantly being awarded a 'prize' in (your city)? Is your virus protection software telling you someone is trying to violate you?

    If you answer yes to any of those conditions, you have a very easy to get rootkit virus that uses your internet connection for it's own monetary gain. It delivered you to hundreds of websites and earned the rootkit author a ton of rewardable hits to those sites. Norton calls this virus Tidserv and the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool called this TDSServ or something similar.

    Apparently, this virus is very easy to get, hiding in torrent files, fake AVI files and simple mouse clicks to supposed advertising sites that we all find on almost every webpage we go to. And it really grabs hold of your machine, dozens of times a day, for file transfers or something similar.

    If you got it, get rid of it and you'll get your machine back. Even if you don't have it, pass this on to other Windows users who complain their PC is suddenly running slower. If you are on the Internet, there is a good chance you're coming across hundreds of potentially dangerous mouse clicks a day that could put your machine in danger of being taken over.

    Last paragraph: If you downloaded a 'fake' avi (could have been a family movie such as Tangled) that didn't work when you tried to play it - - DO NOT try playing it on another machine, because if you do, you will more than likely infect that machine with the same virus.

    Happy computing.

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