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    X360 Reset Glitch Hack


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    X360 Reset Glitch Hack Empty X360 Reset Glitch Hack

    Post  gammer121™ on 7th July 2012, 09:11


    Hello all this is my very first tutorial here and i hope u all like it. This tutorial will show you how you can hack the xbox360 reset glitch.

    Lets get started :

    1. Apps Required :

    360 Multi Builder v0.5:- [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Nandpro 2.0e:- Download from Xbins

    Reset glitch Hack 1.1:- Download from Xbins

    360 Flash dump tool 0.97:- [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    1. Required Hardware :

    Required Hardware:-

    A Nand Flasher(eg. Matrix nandflasher)

    XC2C64A Programming Cable(LPT or USB)

    XC2C64A Chip of your choice(eg. TX Coolrunner)

    Good quality stranded or kynar wires of about 30awg

    68nf capacitor for fat consoles(If your jasper is not giving good boot timing's)

    270pf capacitor for Slim consoles in place of 220pf giving in the tutorial

    3. How To Reset :

    Right, now that we have the needed software and the hardware, lets get started then.

    a. Update your console to the latest dash 2.0.13604.0 or whatever is your version.

    b. Dump the nand 64mb(for 256mb/512mb) jasper system & 16mb for Jasper, Falcon, Zephyr & trinity(Slim) atleast five times to be very sure, compare all the dumps with each other and choose the one which matches with no difference. eg: "nandpro usb: -r16 nand.bin" or "nandpro usb: -r64 nand.bin"

    NOTE : If you get any bad blocks than please remap it. Here is a bad block remapping video tutorial which will help you in remapping your bad block in case you have them in your nand(Flash the ecc file to boot xell and get the cpu key and then remap.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    c. (This Step is for Jasper only)Open 360 flash dump 0.97 tool, browse to your nand and check your 2BL[CB] no. eg: 6750, Note: If you have 6751 or 6752 than your jasper is currently not exploitable via reset glitch hack as it has 2nd stage CB which needs more work to be able to glitch. So don't move forward if you have 6751 or 6752.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    refer the above image

    d. Create the ecc via cmd(procedure given in RGH Tutorial) and Copy the .ecc file to your nandpro folder, flash the ecc file to your nand via command: "nandpro usb: +w16 image_00000000.ecc" or "nandpro usb: +w64 image_00000000.ecc"

    Now you can also create the .ecc file directly via 360_Multi_Builder_v0.6, just copy your original nand and paste it to "360_Multi_Builder_v0.6\Data\my360" and rename it to "nanddump.bin", now come back to the "360_Multi_Builder_v0.6" folder and execute "Run.exe" and follow the instructions and the end result will be you .ecc file which will be created inside "360_Multi_Builder_v0.6\Data"

    e. Prepare your LPT cable for Xilinx XC2C64A Chip programming, If you have bought your cable from some eshop than you can use that but if you want to prepare your own one than use the following diagram and prepare your own LPT programming cable for your work, for doing this you will require 1 X DB25(printer port) MALE & 1 X 3k3 Resistor.

    view the image below

    f. Now do the RGH wiring with your xilinx xc2c64a chip of your choice(Xilinx xc2c64a chip first needs to be programmed with the appropriate ".jed" as per your console eg. "jasper.jed". Xilinx Chip programming instructions are given in the RGH Tutorial PDF), Now a lot of different makes of these chips are available in the market.(Wiring Instructions is given in the RGH 1.1 tutorial pdf). You should have good soldering skills to achieve RGH.

    g. Turn on the console and the console should boot xell giving you your cpu key and dvd key. Copy your CPU key in a notepad and keep it safe.

    h. Now download 360 Multi Builder v0.6 & extract it to your desktop.

    i. Goto 360 Multi Builder v0.6\Data\my360 & paste your original nand here and change the name of your nand to nanddump.bin & make a txt file in the same place named "cpukey.txt" & inside the text file write your cpu key and save it.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    view the above image

    j. Now go back to the ggbuild root folder and run "run.exe" file and follow the instructions and your ggbuild image will get created inside ggbuild\data folder named


    k. Now copy the nandflash.bin file and paste it to your nandpro folder and flash the new ggbuild image i.e. "nandflash.bin" to your nand. eg: "nandpro usb: -w16 nandflash.bin" or "nandpro usb: -w64 nandflash.bin"

    Please note:- Do not use +w here, if used your console will not start, beware

    l. If all the above steps are performed perfectly your console should now boot into the new hacked dash where you can run all your homebrews.


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    X360 Reset Glitch Hack Empty Re: X360 Reset Glitch Hack

    Post  BladeIV on 9th July 2012, 14:01

    Nice one bro very informative and precise

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