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:dj: when radio is on air you can tune in by clicking on the Peppies-Jukebox link on the top of the page (members only) and by leaving it open you can browse the site content and join in with stuff all at the same time or if you join us you can join us in the irc channel to see whats being played, make requests and join in with us there too. :dj: ADVERTS DISAPPEAR ON JOINING OUR SITE ITS FREE TO SIGN UP AND REGISTER SO DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND JOIN US RIGHT NOW!! HELP US TO BUILD A NICE LITTLE COMMUNITY WHERE FUN NEVER STOPS............

    IRC Channel for members to use

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    IRC Channel for members to use  Empty IRC Channel for members to use

    Post  Peppies™ on 16th October 2012, 13:04

    #Peppies-IRC - Here you get radio, !youtube, !google, !imdb !tv !weather (your city and country) and a few kicks... and loads of fun we are adding stuff all the time we also have trivia and uno along with loads of other games and our radio station is run via irc so to tune in and for links join our irc channel when you join sites we dont allow none members to use it we have several security measures to protect our members and its a way of keeping in touch and to make new friends and have loads of laughs with our friendly team join today and dont miss out. Please note we are also a family site and cater to all ages so we also have rules about language and behavior they can be found on main forum once you have joined us and there isnt many rules but rules we have and its to make sure everyone enjoys our sites and irc. Now added is a spellchecker just do !spellcheck then your word and it will tell you if its correct or not ideal for homework or just learning literacy skills. To improve your spelling skills.

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